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About Us

   In Minutes!, your done, you'll have more free time. They'll think you had it detailed. You're vehicle can always look great in about 30 minutes a week with Race Day Ltd.
   Leaves a High Gloss finish
   A "One Step" product that last a long time
   Fortified with Carnauba Wax
   Great for Clear Coats (NEW CARS)
   No need to wash your vehicle *
   "Spray on Wipe Off" , Easy to use

    * ( mud , salt , snow must be washed off vehicles)

   Can also be sprayed on and washed off with water
   Chrome will gleam
   Cleans up upholstery, vinyl and cloth spots
   Wheels, gauges, vinyl, lens covers, more...
   You'll find many different uses

For Late Model paints and Clear Coats    
Late Model cars and trucks DO NOT have Lacquer paint from the factory. They have Urithane or Enamel paints which mostly are clear coated from about 1990 and up. Unless your vehicle was specially painted with Lacquer which is close to being  obsolete, then it is
Not recommended for Lacquer paint finishes

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2 Bottle (24 oz bottles) Minimum order $18.00

+ $8.00 West Coast = $26.00 Ship/Hand

Central $10.00 = $28.00 Ship/Hand

East Coast $12.00 = $30.00 Ship/Hand

NOTE! Due to Fuel Surcharge's Shipping has Increased in Price

ON SALE! take $4.00 off per order

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